The Law Practice of Christopher Schiller
Contact: -- cell/L.A. 213.804.5905 -- phone/NY 518.489.1691


Just who is Christopher Schiller? Good question. And one that is impossible to answer on a simple web page.

I could describe how I worked for two decades in the television and Internet production arenas, acquiring the technical skills and understanding in a broad array of areas to develop a full understanding of the intricacies and demands of production from a hands on perspective.

I could mention that I was graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Computer Science to articulate the logical and global perspective I bring to all dilemmas in order to see new and better solutions.

I could speak of the over twenty year marriage I have had with a wonderful woman and how grounded and centered a moral compass this gives me in my personal life.

Or I could mention the creative elements I have dabbled in, the short films, screenplays and poetry I've created to show how I can truly understand the creative mind-set and how it has to deal with the real world issues it confronts.

I could say all this and all of it would be true, but, it would scarcely sum up who I am and what I can do for those who seek my assistance. It just might give them some perspective, though and give the curious a peek into the complex and dedicated character who would willingly come to the aid of those who are in need.



I am a licensed attorney and counselor at law in the State of New York.

Law School

I received my Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California in 2006. While attending I received the CALI award (highest grade in the class) in both my Media Law and Regulation and Deregulation of Telecommunication Industries (a.k.a. Telecommunications Law) classes. I was also a participant in Southwestern's United Kingdom Summer Abroad Program, spending a summer semester taking classes in International Entertainment Law and International Art Law in London, England.

Undergraduate Education

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Other Interests

I am an adjunct professor, teaching law related, undergraduate classes at The Sage Colleges with courses taught at both Russell Sage College in Troy, NY and Sage College of Albany campuses.

I write screenplays and poetry, have made short films and audio theater.