The Law Practice of Christopher Schiller
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I will list here the classes that I have taught or am teaching in my role as an adjunct professor at the Sage Colleges to give a sense of the scope of my teaching.

Here also will be links to presentations, seminars and the like that I will occasionally offer in order to provide a better general understanding to special interests or the general public of where and how the law intersects with the business of working in various fields of interest. These informational discussions will attempt to clarify, in general terms, particularly tricky or relatively unknown elements of such intersections.

If you would like to discuss potential future presentation topics that might be of interest to a general audience, feel free to contact me.

Classes Taught

As an adjunct professor at Sage College of Albany and Russell Sage College I have taught the following undergraduate classes:


"Primer on Copyright for Independent Filmmakers" last given Tuesday, November 6th,2007 during the presentation part of the regular monthly meeting of Upstate Independents